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Hansa Prakashan was established in the year 1972 for the promotion of Sanskrit literature. Since then, Hansa Prakashan has been continuously publishing and selling syllabus textbooks, supporting and contextual textbooks for schools, colleges, universities, and various competitive examinations. Hansa Prakashan has also published and distributed some of the best books of Hindi and Sanskrit literature. The Hansa Prakashan publication has also been honored by multiple institutions for its publication and promotion work of Sanskrit and Hindi literature. Many books published by Hansa Prakashan have received awards at the state and national levels.

Hansa Prakashan is a one-stop solution for buying text, auxiliary, and reference books, related to the subject of Sanskrit and Hindi Literature for various schools, colleges, universities, and various levels of competitive examinations. From books about grammar, literature, philosophy, theology, and other subjects in Sanskrit Vangmaya, to books about Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, astrology, rituals, and Tantra-Mantras, religious and spiritual books and Hindi Literature Books, are all available at our store.

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We try to create an amazing and interesting collection of great books on Hindi, Sanskrit and English literature in our book store. With our years of experience in Publishing books we make it easy for writers to publish and sell their books.


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We have around 50 Years of experience in Publishing close to 1000+ Books which have won  close to 30+ award (Local, state and National awards). We always make an effort the make sure that your book publishing experience in seamless and easy.

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